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Plugin Features


Yes! RE-GEN Uses complex, tailor-made algorithms to generate a totally random synth sound with every click of the generate button.

Unfortunately RE-GEN Lite has been built for FL Studio 21 and for Ableton Live 11 + 12 Suite only.

Expect something special for every DAW soon...

Both the FL Studio and Ableton Live versions of the plugin generate random sounds with the click of a single button and have the same primary interface and controls.

However, each version plays to their respective platform's strengths and abilities:

- FL has preset algorithms where you select a category, for example "evil pad" or "sine heaven", and then every click of the generate button will create new sounds in this style. Check out our preview of each of the algorithms in action here!

- Ableton has an additional xy pad to manipulate the effects within the plugin, so you can get some really unique and warped sounds by playing around with this.

We felt that a lot of producers were missing out on an easy way to come up with unique and usable sounds, so we wanted to make this as accessible as it could possibly be.

For that reason, RE-GEN Lite is a pay-as-you-feel product! Pick it up for free if you'd like or choose to support us and spend some money on it.

Once you've downloaded the .zip file, there will be two folders (one for each DAW) and the RE-GEN Lite manual.

In the manual, there are detailed instructions on how to install both versions.

If there are further issues arising with installation, just send us a message on Instagram (@theloopholeco) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

*note for Windows users* We've been told by some users that the download is flagged as malware. The download is totally safe and if you're worried about the .exe file, there is a manual installation option available!

We're really happy you're picking up the plugin to use in your own production and that is support in itself.

We really believe in the RE-GEN concept and if you'd like to show your support for the product and further the vision we have for it, then get the word out there!

Sharing to social media is a great way of doing this or if you create content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, then using the plugin in your content will also go a long way. Make sure to tag us in whatever you make!

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