What I wish I knew about the "Music game" (feat. the homies)

Eli Brown

Mad late but Happy New years guys!

I wanted to bring you the best content for the year and I feel really good about this one. 

Everyone comes into music without exactly knowing what they are doing. Eventually the ones that constantly make heat over time end up entering the wonderful industry before they even know it. 

Since many people have different experiences I asked a couple homies what they wish they knew before entering the "game". This covers both Either the production process or the industry.

Ambezza: Worked with Pierre bourne, Aj tracey & Killy 

3 Things that are really important - 

1.  "First impression counts. Nowadays networking is atleast equally important as talent. Master your craft, Take your time, become good at what you do and make your move when you think you are ready"

2.  Practice patience: There's always gonna be stuff you can't control. The key is not to get caught up in it and do your best in what you can control. Believe in your talent, put the work in, Enjoy the process - let everything else take its course

3. Dont let social media fool you : Remember that we all tend to only post our accomplishments on social media. Use it as a tool for inspiration rather than comparison. Move at your own pace.

ig: @Ambezza_

Mario Luciano - Worked with Nessly, Boogie, Key! , Tinashe etc. 

Here are the major points I was able to pick up during the conversation:

 " I think it’s very important to invest in your vision and build your own thing (brand) and monetize off it. Everyone thinks that if your signed to whoever your favorite producer is that your winning but in reality he is the one winning off your talents. Stay patient, anything worth something takes seasons to build. 

I never made the mistake of signing a contract to early in my career but I know and have seen far to many people jump into publishing or producer deals early outta hype or because it looked promising on a surface level but in reality they basically signed over all rights to they’re hard work or became a work for hire for a slight bag. "

Ig: @marioluciano425

Daniel east  Worked with Future & Young thug and K camp

Major keys industry wise 

"To be honest I wish I knew the impact you make with the choices legally. In this game there's nodoby who will look out for like yourself and your lawyer..."

"Mistakes come with the game so its always about caring for your situation better than the last time. Also record/publishig deals can get complicated and its important to know how your gift is being utilized."

On the production side 

" It took me years to find out what sidechain compression was for example, all because I knew of the effect I wanted but I didnt know how to replicate it in my daw. It was little things like that when you don't have the background knowledge that i wish i knew going into it. The internet is our greatest tool..."

ig: @e.vst

Di$ney dad : PNB rock, Madeintyo, Dice Soho, K camp etc

Major gems from Papa --

"I wish I knew how much I was worth"

"....Highkey I'm still in the beginning"

"Less is more. Simplicity is all that matters tbh"

Ig: @disneydad420


Snapz: Kodak Black, Young thug, Gashi, Don Q, Don Toliver etc.

3 keys from snapz:

1# - That it take PATIENCE and time for things to happen

2# - That creating good vibes without thinking about the artist is the best way to create

3# - That simplicity is almost always better than complexity (Production wise)

ig: @snapz


So this are just the tip of the iceberg. All the homies are still coming up and on their way to being legends. This was just to help those either starting out and feeling a bit lost in the early stages of the process since there isnt much info on how to go about things. Thank guys for reading