The Top 10 Underrated YouTube Channels for Producers

Louis Flynn

Thank you for getting us to 500 subscribers on YouTube - we're planning on producing lots more video content in the near future so make sure to pay attention!

To celebrate, I thought I'd shine a light on my top ten favourite music production YouTube channels under 10K subscribers:

xy! - he goes into depth about processing and music theory to really improve your sample making game and just dropped a crazy Travis Scott sample tutorial earlier today

loner - one of the best YouTube channels for r&b and trap production, loner regularly posts quality cookup videos

Kavan Dignam - a very entertaining channel to watch with lots of edits while not lacking in quality

Potillo - a fire sample maker that regularly breaks down samples in the style of trending projects and singles by big artists

Minta Foundry - while only a few videos have been posted, this channel founded by Al Hug has lots of gems for creating samples using lots of live instruments using analog recording and processing

TSB - one of the most talented UK producers, his channel is small but already has three in depth breakdowns of some of his biggest songs

One Man And His Songs - this channel isn't anything like the others in this list because it focuses on sound design rather than samples (this channel was one of the things I used most when I first started making presets)

Hijo De Ramon - this channel has videos featuring CAMEone breaking down his favourite samples from his sample packs

Hix - I'm new to watching Hix's videos but he's got a very r&b focused channel, breaking down beats and samples he has made with a focus on music theory and processing

LOOPHOLE - this list wouldn't have been complete without this channel. We've started to drop lots of private videos through our mailing list (don't forget to sign up) but we're going to start focusing on public content soon featuring videos by us and some of our favourite creatives. Stay tuned!