Eli Brown




People see me come up with new ideas everyday and question how I am able to stay inspired and continually put out new ideas and work. I decided to finally breakdown my formula on how to stay inspired that you can consistently put out work. 


1. Steal like an artist  

After reading “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon, I realized how to be more ‘creative’ when it came to music as at the time I struggled to come up with ideas. Stealing like an artist is simply implementing someone's creative process into yours. Typically when one is beginning to make beats, they either copy instrumentals or watched videos online. Music is mostly creative medium, but it is also a science. For example, you know that a beat always need a snare, hi-hat, kick and bass (This is a simple example but there are many levels to this) 

The thing I believe about creativity is you cannot necessarily bring anything new to the table. Everything is drawn from inspiration or innovated from somewhere else. Many people want to be different and create the next wave however, all ideas originate from somewhere else. Everything you hear now in terms of music is a spinoff of something that was already been done in the past. Something you can do is find people you look up and adopt some of their habits into your own. This includes styles, genres, or even a significant time period that means something to you. 


2. Practice makes PERFECT  

This one personally for me is the one that helped me the most. This point goes against the idea saying you need to only work when you are ‘inspired’. If you want to make 5-10 beats a day for rest of the year you are going to have to adopt to it. It’s not easy but you need to see creativity as a muscle. Not taking breaks will of course burn you out and ruin music but you must continue to build your intensity. Practicing doesn’t necessarily mean make beats - it could be trying out new navigation on your daw, trying to draw in midi faster, learning to mix different etc. This will separate you from your average bedroom producer into a producer PRODUCER. You will see yourself go from 1-2 beats to 3-5 without any problems. 


Never comes easy the first while just keep working. 


3. Being Decisive  

Being decisive when it comes to music or anything will save you so much time. The biggest problem I saw in my production is not being able to decide. For you to catch to a certain pace is not super important but really will help you enter the echelon of a successful producer. It's okay to sit on your laptop and flip through snares but trust me some of y'all do it in a way was there’s no value whatsoever to what you are doing. Try not to enter to the ‘i-am-perfectionist-I-need-to-do-a lot-random-things' notion. Less is more, you always hear that.  Like c’mon you went through 5 drumkits that have nearly the same snares. 


This idea is important to outputing more and staying creative. First of all, you can’t sit in front of the computer screen for way too long. You have a limited attention span, boredom will cause you to be less creative. Clarity in beat direction will have you doing way more than you can imagine. Your studio session will be far more productive n you will be saving way more dollars and having way more songs done. You might even turn out like me with 50 beat ideas in his head. 


4. Try new things 

Novelty, Novelty, Novelty. Making beats and coming up with songs new to be exciting. Boredom with kill any sort of inspiration. Try new genres out, new tempos, sound selection and more. Try new workplaces. It's as simple as that to be honest. It may be hard at first but as I said earlier practice makes perfect.  


These are a few simple ideas of how to stay inspired and output more music overrall. I hope a lot of you that this and run with it. Not going to be an overnight thing so stay patient. Even if you don’t to make more you can use this to output faster. Hope all of y’all stay blessed