Sound vibrations SAMPLE CLASSES: One on One + Special guest group classes Sound vibrations SAMPLE CLASSES: One on One + Special guest group classes

Sound vibrations SAMPLE CLASSES: One on One + Special guest group classes


After teaching about 100+ Students, Im happy to present to you the new Sound Vibrations Sample classes 

This course is meant to help producers on all levels & different goals to develop their sample game to the next level. Whether that be get better at music theory, Vocal samples, Network better, textures, Process sound better to get better 'feeling' or just learn the business this is the place to come. 


Class Format: 

- 4 private one on one classes (1hr weekly) 

- group classes featuring known producers within the community 

- You will receive a private class email where you can 

send in work you've been doing during the week for feedback


There is an Exclusive discord for all students:

- Offline content featuring your favorite sample makers

- Offline videos showing different techniques & processing

- Books recommendation 

- Place for feedback from peers 

- Business Plan template from DREAMLIFE beats for those looking to sell their own sample pack. online

I've taught many different producers from different levels. Platnium/'Industry' producers, Youtubers , Successful beatstars producers and others from different walks of life. Some have went on to get their first industry placements, Kingsway pack, 'Industry-connects' as well as released their own packs.

For sure you can possibly learn a lot of the stuff on your own but the internet has way too much Info to go through. Why not have a place where it can save you time & also make things so much clearer.

Also don't come into this thinking that things will completely happen overnight. You will still have to trust the process and be patient.


Btw, keep in mind there are many producers  making money from samples. Why do you think so many are trying to doing it. This is for those curious about why there is a fee.  


For more information about the course please feel free to reach me on instagram. If you were thinking about bringing a friend or a group of friends together for the classes also contact me.  IG: @Godblesseli 


I really believe that you will find value in this!

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