LOOPHOLE III (Analog Lab V Bank)

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100 Analog Lab Presets
  • 45x Keys
  • 20x Pad
  • 19x Bass
  • 8x Lead
  • 5x Arp
  • 3x FX
Also Includes:
  • 10x Bonus Textures
  • 5x Bonus Samples
*bank only compatible with Analog Lab V*

One year since the first LOOPHOLE bank that set the bar for online tools for producers, LOOPHOLE III is here. Loophole Sounds have been used everywhere in the industry, from being used by bedroom producers and online sample makers to featuring in global hits and Platinum records.


This is the best collection of sounds we have ever produced, a massive library of presets for producers aiming to set trends for music in 2021 and 2022.

The bank consists of classic Loophole-style soundscapes, as well as new sonics to fit genres from across the musical spectrum from Pop to Rage music.