Obstacles of the Come up of a Music Producer

Eli Brown

These are a couple of things to expect on the come up (especially as 

producer nowadays). I hope to leave the below blogs so that the next generations 

can learn from them and focus on expanding the culture.


1. Not being taken seriously 

As you are starting out, not everyone will feel the same fiery passion as you do about your aspiration; to be honest, it's fair that people are like that. People pick up grinds and drop grinds all the time, The only solution to this is to continue to work on yourself, your sound, workflow and knowledge on whatever craft you decide to follow. Trust me, nothing is given, even respect and trust must be earned. So, have some patience, swallow your pride, get feed back or whatever it may be. Its not that no one believes in you, you just have to prove yourself


2. How to navigate through the game

This one is something I feel a lot of people are stuck with. The best way to navigate through anything is knowing YOURSELF (skills, weaknesses, strengths) , SURROUNDINGS (industry, environment, social group), and GOALS. This I feel has helped me move faster than most in the game because it shaves the learning curve of figuring things out. 

You will also encounter many people who will sell your dreams. Beware of those kind of people because most of the time they're just there to bring dead connections to stir their ego up. Trust me, they will do nothing for you but try to claim your whole come up to themselves. 


3. The Process 

The main foundation of being successful in not only the music industry but in  every industry. The process is not only just the working part or the making of beats and what not, but the nuances. The late-night sessions, the last minute 'I'm in the studio with drake," text, Getting R'd by people, and Clout chaser. Don't let these itty bitty annoyances get the best of you; its something even the people you look up to had to face. All come-ups aren't perfect.

Find tune your workflow, find your drum kits, double text your plugs. Spend time with people who can potentially waste your time...  As Illmind said,  "Try shit, ignore the bad parts. Build of the good parts."

These are just a few of the obstacles you will face as a producer. But trust me, you can overcome them.